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The Unfortunate Tourist

9 September
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Music is my life, and not much else.

I'm mostly into Hardcore/Screamo but will give most stuff a listen. It's very rare that I decide I don't like something enough to say I 'hate' it, but wether I choose to listen to it is a different thing entirely. I've put a rather large list of the bands I listen to most in my interests, but this list it by no means exhaustive. Take a gander at my last.fm if you'd like. www.last.fm/user/rockfuckcunt

I live in Southampton and work in a bar, but that's not important.

"There are so many people that I want to be. And there are so many places that I want to see. I'm sick and tired of things that don't mean anything. I do want to be taught. Brought along. But not continuously. I want to BE the teacher. If you want you can. And if you need you can. This is how we make things work."
- Daniel Striped Tiger